We are committed to our mission of improving net renewable energy performance, with our data center design improving grid stability, dam efficiency and integration into the local environment. In addition, we reuse the heat generated by our data centers to provide heating for public infrastructures.

Energy mix

At Sesterce, we have a long history of working with hydroelectric power and are proud of our stabilization of power grids in Norway, Canada and the United States.

Stabilization of electrical network

Acting as a great grid stabilizer with several dozen megawatts under management, we have the ability to instantly remove ourselves from the power grid, thus reversing the grid stabilization paradigm, an activity that is normally very costly for grid operators and not very efficient until now. Historical stabilizers such as industrials have a natural inertia to withdraw from the grid and a lack of scalability. With our mobile and scalable HPC data center solutions, we can accurately size the data center and instantly pull back from the network, effectively stabilizing it.

Improved energy efficiency

Our immersion cooling datacenter model allows us to control and use the heat flow generated by the servers. More efficient and noiseless, these datacenters facilitate the completion.