Sesterce Lab

Composed of researchers specialized in microelectronics, AI, machine learning and blockchain, we are at the heart of innovation in blockchain and HPC datacenters.

Lab Missions

The goals of the Sesterce Lab include rethinking the hardware design of blockchain and AI infrastructures to create more efficient technologies that are able to reduce the environmental footprint.

ARX Project

We are reimagining the asynchronous chip.

The Lab's core project is to think outside the square by challenging the way current chips are designed. The advantages of asynchronous chips are significant as they consume much less energy for the same computational power and allow better densification of components. The asynchronous model is, for the moment, less scalable than the synchronous model and therefore has been rejected by the microchip industry. Our goal at Sesterce is to thus promote this technology to face the challenges of global warming by creating chips that consume less energy.

Lab Partners

We are honored to be surrounded by brilliant and inspiring partners such as recognised research centers, financial and industrial partners and local businesses, all providing us with the possibility of fulfilling our big ambitions.


Our lab has been recognized several times for its work on HPC datacenter chips and software.

Winner of the 2020 and 2022 innovation contests of the French Ministry of Innovation and Research, we have been rewarded for our various research projects on datacenter management software with the creation of a synchronization AI. We won the 2022 one for our work on asynchronous chips, an important disruptive technology for the ecological transition.

Xchips - 2020

Winner of i-Nov wave 7 contest

ArX - 2022

Winner of i-Nov wave 9 contest