Goldshell HS5 5400GH/s



364 days


5400 ghs


1500 W

About Goldshell HS5 5400GH/s

Model HS5 from Goldshell mining 2 algorithms : - Handshake with a maximum hashrate of 2.7Th/s (2700Gh/s) for a power consumption of 2650W. - Blake2B-Sia with a maximum hashrate of 5.4Th/s (5400Gh/s) for a power consumption of 1500W. The purchase of a miner is a High Risk High Return investment so it is important as a crypto mining investor to understand the basics and the risks involved.

Delivered worldwide via DHL Express and UPS.

Support 7/7, PSU Included

Order processed within 7-10 working days maximum
after confirmation of payment.


Size264 * 200 * 290

Frequently Asked Questions

The payment methods available are : bank transfer and crypto payment.
  • Wire Transfer
  • Crypto
Normally we ship to most of the countries in the world except some countries who have strict customs policies for the miner import.
We can't ship to Brazil and India.
For Argentina and Austria, the client needs to help for the clearance.
Once we confirm your order, we will test the miner in our technical center to make sure the miner is running well before shipping to you. Then we will deliver the miner to our forwarder for the delivery. We will update the tracking number on our website and you will receive an email for the details. This process takes about 3-10 working days.

The actual shipping date for the preorder miners depends on the factory even though we put the estimated shipping month of the preorder batch. There might be a possibility for a delay for the launch of the miner and a delay for the delivery date from the factory. Also there is a possibility that the factory fails to produce the miner by their side and in this case we might need to refund you for your order.
All the brand new miners have a warranty directly from the factory from 6-12 months depending on the brand and the model. You might have the SN code on the miner and you could search the warranty period from the official website.

Normally, when it comes to maintenance or repair issues, if the miner has to be sent back to the factory’s official maintenance center, for Bitmain and Whatsminer products you will cover the shipping fee to China but the factory will cover the shipping fee to send it back to you (The explanation regarding to this belongs to the factory) .