About us

We are committed to our mission of improving net renewable energy performance, with our datacenter design improving grid stability, dam efficiency and integration into the local environment. In addition, we reuse the heat generated by our data centers to provide heating for public infrastructures.

Mission & Values

Sesterce's mission is to have a strong positive impact on global warming, achieving this goal by taking an efficient and forward-thinking approach through the use of mobile data center units. Through this we improve the effouriciency of renewable energy and bring stability to the power grid. Our core value is innovation: creating disruptive solutions through both the lab and infrastructures.

Life at Sesterce

At Sesterce, we take the subject of corporate culture to heart. Under the code name 'Life at Sesterce' this integral vertical of the group is led by a care team dedicated to the well-being of our talents. Bootcamps, personal follow-ups, lean management, goal-oriented organization, remote working, perks and much more are part of our philosophy of creating a happy team, maximizing their sense of well-being.


We are honored to be surrounded by brilliant and inspiring partners such as recognised research centers, financial and industrial partners and local businesses, all providing us with the possibility of fulfilling our big ambitions.





Sesterce was born in France in 2018 following a meeting between a young engineer and a young financier both of whom shared an objective : to disrupt the datacenter model

  • 2018


    In 2018, after nearly 3 years of building the first blockchain datacenter units, the founders of Sesterce (formerly Bitech) created the structure with a distribution branch of HPC blockchain servers between China and Europe.

  • 2019


    After 3 years of creating servers and a year of distributing them on the B2B market, Sesterce quickly became the world leader in the distribution of blockchain HPC servers, with more than 100 references in the catalog and a purchasing desk in China. Indeed, in 2019 Sesterce will created its first datacenter in Sichuan, China using 100% hydro energy.

  • 2020


    In 2020 Sesterce expanded its service to include institutional customers and the creation of two new data centers in China and Russia in the Irkutz region, which is rich in hydro-electric power.

  • 2021


    In 2021, following the sale of its assets in China and Russia, Sesterce made the strategic choice to focus on the North American and European markets in order to develop network stabilization solutions. This was also the year of the creation of the Sesterce Lab with the long-term ambition of disrupting HPC datacenter technologies.

  • 2022


    In 2022, Sesterce continued expanding its operations with new developments in the United States and Norway with a goal of having 200MW of renewable energy under management.